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How To Live Your Life On FIRE…Financially Independent & Retired Early…So You Can Fulfill Your Purpose…While Enjoying Six Figures In Passive Income

Give Us Three Hours And We’ll Show You Eight Ways To Manifest Wealth Safely And Earn 1% To 25% Monthly Rates Of Returns, While Turning Risky Assets Into Risk-Free And Even Tax-Free Streams Of Passive Income In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day In This Deep Dive Master Class Training

Masterclass Schedule:  November 11, 2021 at 10am PST (Thursday)


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Why Watch this Master Class:

 How To Find Your Life's Purpose

 In the first hour we’ll take you through the five-step process we’ve used to help thousands of people determine their real purpose in life both personally and when starting a business

Top Eight Wealth Growth Models

The second hour is all about changing the adversarial relationship most have with money so you can manifest wealth safely and earn 1% to 25% monthly rates of returns while creating passive streams of income for you and your family. We’ll explore the eight best opportunities to do that in this hour.

How  To Guarantee


In the third hour we’ll explore the five key concepts essential for a wealth creator to absolutely and also positively guarantee they succeed.

Join us for this Deep Dive Master Class!

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About Ike

Hello! I'm Ike Ikokwu

Having made and lost 7-Figures twice in his career, Ike brings very relevant experience to his role as a Business Growth Strategist, Mindset Coach and Personal Finance Expert to his clients.


Working with two of the largest global coaching companies in the industry and leaning on wisdom gained from overcoming many adversities in life, Ike has the ability to change the way his clients think and feel about things, so they can create the results they truly desire.


Ike is a Best-Selling Author, the Founder and Entrepreneurial Dream Reviver at The Coachanaire Institute (TCI)


Learn more at www.ikeikokwu.com


About Tom

Hello! I'm Tom Matzen

Tom has started some 89 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over. Eight have been to eight figures and beyond.

More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries.

Tom is a two time international best-selling author with 172,000 copies sold and is a seminar presenter that has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on four continents.

Learn more at http://www.TomMatzen.com/

Tom lives in on a small island called Bowen Island, just outside Vancouver on Canada's West Coast, and has an enthusiastic fourteen year old son called Tyler.  


About Lois

Hello! I'm Lois Koffi

You know that sales expert you look up to and think “they seem to have it all”? 


That was Lois, until the day before her 30th birthday.

Her career had pushed her to the edge, as well as a recession. She had made her self sick, her car was repossessed, and she was sleeping on her friend’s floor. She went from a six figure salary and a dream team to nothing at all.


To bring her self back to life, she began connecting with spiritual mentors and life coaches to guide her forward. As she did the work, She realized how much more focused her mindset was on greatness.


As she began to meet bigger goals every week, month, and year, she put together her unique formula for selling success.


It’s time to build a healthy business that allows you to live a life by design.


Not only she is a professional speaker and sales coach, she is also a Ironman Triathlete and 12 Week Year Trainer. Her unique certification gives her the knowledge and tools to condense a whole working year into 12 weeks, so you can reduce burnout and reach your goals in less time. It’s also been the most effective approach to launching projects such as her podcast, Healthy N Wealthy N Wise, writing and launching her sold out book, and finishing at the top of her age division in an Ironman Triathlon. 


Coach Lois is also a proud member of the International Lois Club, in which she loves to travel to visit Loises all around the world. And, yes, she is married to Superman!


Learn more at: www.loiskoffi.com


About Dan

Hello! I'm Dan Dominguez

Dan is a former National Sales Director at Baxter Healthcare, where his teams consistently exceeded their sales goals.  While he as a “Big Shot” at the one of the most successful medical device companies in the world, it came at a cost that sacrificed his lifestyle and family time he so cherished.  It wasn’t until Dr. Gary Sanchez helped him discover his WHY that he started experiencing real success plus fulfillment.  


His WHY is to Contribute, that means he exists to positively impact the lives of others.  HOW he does that is by Challenging the Status Quo and looking at things from a fresh perspective and helping others see things differently.  Ultimately, WHAT you can count on from Dan is his unique ability to make sense of the complex and challenging to help others move forward faster.


Dan loves to connect with people and make a difference which is exactly what he does every day in his role as the Chief Growth Officer at The Why Institute, where they’ve developed the world’s first WHY Discovery tool and are on a mission to help everyone not only discover their Why, but also their What and How in a practical and relatable manner.


He’s a former academic scholar, college mascot, army ranger, marathon runner, track and cross-country coach, and Rotary Club President.  Him and his wife, Monica, enjoyed raising their oldest daughter, Jaz, who is now married and living in Chicago with their first grandchild.  They look forward to spending more time together as they raise their youngest daughter, Sofia.


"Ike's masterclass on "How To Build A Seven Figure Business Coaching Practice In 2 Years Or Less... " was incredibly helpful as I am working on scaling my business. He offered great insights, practical suggestions, and incredibly helpful step-by-step processes. Ike knows his stuff."


~ Judy Whalen from Brooklyn Wisconsin,
Business Coach & Consultant


"I've been in a masterclass today with Ike and have seen he actually follows through on the higher path of empowering others through great content, teaching, honesty and clarity linked with payment through actual results rather hiding behind the weasel words that often get used in the personal development business to excuse shoddy practices. I am delighted to have connected to him"


~Anthony Warren from Reading, England, United Kingdom, Business Coach, Consultant,
Multiple Streams of Income Mentor



Trusted by business owners...

I recently opened up my own firm and I’ve been looking forward to building my business while surrounding myself with positivity and hope. After working with Ike, I have gotten a 600% increase of my revenue! If you don’t know Ike, you should. Wow! His story is amazing! A true redemption. I was drawn to Ike because of His energy on A LinkedIn video and most importantly His strong faith in Jesus. When you find someone or something good, you hold on to them for as long as you can. For me, that someone is Ike


Don Borgat

President of Borgat CPA & Associates

Ike, is inherently a person who humanizes his framework in all he does. I think that is a quality that so many business mentors or coaches need to truly apply in all they do. I highly recommend him, because i personally have utilized his expertise to gain more clarity when it comes to my business road map, and strategies to scale forward. Thanks Ike, in my own very unconventional terminology : YOU ARE A MAJOR KICKASS in business.


Enzo Ochoga

Agile Coach, PMP, Mindset Speaker

Ike is highly skilled as a coach who absolutely loves and cares about people. He uses wisdom and discernment in asking the tough questions that help you peel back the layers to discover the core issues to confront. My coaching conversations with Ike have helped me gain important clarity and insights which has been a huge blessing to my personal growth. 5 stars for Ike!


Yoon Cannon

CNN & Fortune Business Coach, Paramount Business Coach

Ike has the heart of a teacher and has a way of slapping you in the back of the head and making you feel good about it (i.e. he knows how to handle people and relationships. He has helped me tremendously in putting together my unique selling proposition, 10- and 30- second elevator pitches and helped me to create an awesome website. Those may seem simple but they are critical to the process of interrupt, engage, educate and offer (another part of Ike's teaching). The alumni program has kept me accountable, which is always a challenge, especially for entrepreneurs.

Todd Kuckkahn

Keynote Speaker, PMP, Mindset Speaker

I attended Ike's How To Live Your Life on Fire... Financially Independent & Retired Early...So You Fulfill Your Purpose... While Enjoying 6 Figures In Passive Income. This masterclass was very enlightening and informative. It was jammed packed with valuable information that has added more fuel to my passion and business journey. Thank you Ike for your time and commitment to your purpose.


Kileha Holder

Spiritual Development Specialist & Business Strategist at Faith in Life

I was introduced to Ike Ikokwu through a dear friend and Coach Lois Koffi and loved hearing his story. Yesterday I attended their MasterClass “How to live your life on FIRE… Financially Free and Retire Early”. It was a great experience. Full of inspiration and ideas you could take away to use immediately. I love his vision and his mission in life. I fully recommend you jumping in on anything he offers. You will not be sorry.

 Sandy Duncan

Senior Director at Ignite

Let us show you how to shrink your retirement timeline down from 30 years to as little as 2 years so you can be refired about your purpose while enjoying six figures in passive income

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