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How You Can Enjoy Becoming Debt Free & Financially Free Without Being Forced To

  • Do The Things You Don't Want To Do Like Spend less money than you are currently spending or Take on more risk just to earn higher returns on your investments​

  • Do The Things You Probably Don't Know How To Do like save more money on your current budget​

  • Do The Things You'd Rather Not Do Like Give up control of your assets to the banks, financial institutions and the government

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Wealth of Knowledge

Having overcome many difficult challenges in his life as a father, husband, and business owner makes Ike an indispensable resource to the clients he serves. His book, Winning The Money Game: Separating The Myths From The Truth - Everything You Don’t Know About Achieving Financial Independence, was an Amazon Best-Seller during the week of its release in 2012. 


His formal education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia as well as a Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Kingdom Millionaire's Guide to Winning The Money Game

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Kingdom Minded Ventures

Over $23,000 In Taxes Saved Annually

American Building Interiors

Over $56,000 In Taxes Saved annually

Substation K, INC.


Over $96,000 In Taxes Saved Annually

MSP Data Systems, INC

Over $75,000 In Taxes Saved Annually

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 I highly recommend Ike for his gift of combining experienced business acumen with quality coaching.


Michelle Barrios

Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Vision 4 Your Life

Ike has been an amazing advisor, coach & mentor. I highly recommend Ike for anyone seeking wise & patient counsel and advice.

Charlie Arehart

ColdFusion Consultant

Working with Ike clearly allowed me to zero in on my business goals, and more importantly how to get there. I highly recommend him.

George Griffiths

Executive/Leadership Coach

What Is A Kingdom Millionaire?

Ike believes he’s called to mentor “Kingdom Millionaires,” a term he’s coined to define those who have experienced or are experiencing the death of “their dream” so they can realize “God’s dream” for their life. Those who through this process of surrender, have now tapped into God’s divine purpose for their life. Those who are either presently leading a business that generates millions of dollars annually, or those who are transitioning (maybe exiting Corporate America to work for themselves) to leading a business that will generate millions of dollars annually, so that they can have more wealth, income, impact and influence as they advance the King’s agenda in the 7 mountains of culture.

How Kingdom Millionaire's Think & Grow Rich

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How Kingdom Millionaire's Stay Empowered

On Their Journey To Becoming Rich

Through a 12-month Private Group Mentoring with Ike Ikokwu, you'll get the opportunity to have your best year ever by embarking on an empowering mentoring journey.

So Who Is Ike Ikokwu?

As an independent certified coach, speaker and teacher with The John Maxwell Team, Ike brings a lot of “school of hard knocks” training to the personal growth and leadership principles he teaches and imparts to those he serves.

Ike's Purpose

Ike Ikokwu’s purpose is to serve as a catalyst to help people identify, unlock and step into the reason they exist on this side of heaven, so they can fulfill the destiny call on their life and so he can positively impact their life, business and finances. 


His vision in the marketplace is to disciple, mentor and coach a million millionaires for the Kingdom so that they can have more wealth, income, impact, and influence (“WIII”) as they advance the King’s agenda in the 7 mountains of culture.

Professional Accomplishments

Professionally he’s been in the tax and financial services industry for over 20 years. In addition to working for two of what formerly were the “Big Six” accounting firms in the nation, he’s worked for a national financial planning firm and owned his own business since 2003. He has previously held licenses professionally as a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, an Insurance Professional and an Investment Advisor Representative. 


In addition to being a past contributor to The Huffington Post’s Money Section, Ike has also been interviewed for several publications and TV news programs like Fox 25 News, Fox, First Business News, Christian Television Network and WATC TV 57 Atlanta.

Ike Ikokwu

As a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team, Ike knows his purpose in life is to serve as a catalyst to help people achieve greater levels of success in their personal and professional lives. Ike’s vision is to see his life’s purpose manifested in the two arenas God has called him to serve: The Market Place and Ministry. In both arenas, he seeks to educate, empower and release those he serves to their destiny.

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