How To Be Debt Free In 8 Years

Separating The Myths From The Truth

Learn the Secrets That I've Used To Help People Become Debt Free In 8 Years Or Less Without Spending Even A Dime More Than You Currently Spend

How To Be Debt Free In 8 Years

For Only $37

I've put together this 40 minute video training to help you break through and become debt free in 8 years or less without going through the pain of pinching pennies and cutting things out of your life!

Ike Ikokwu

Ike’s purpose in life is to serve as a catalyst to help people achieve greater levels of success in their personal and professional lives. Ike’s vision is to see his life’s purpose manifested in the two arenas God has called him to serve: The Market Place and Ministry. In both arenas, he seeks to educate, empower and release those he serves to their destiny.


Ike believes that everyone is destined to live an abundant life…one where we are continually achieving greater levels of success both personally and professionally.

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