How Kingdom Millionaire's Think & Grow Rich

Do a deep dive with me in actually learning and applying the principles the same way I applied them to go from broke and bankrupt to becoming a millionaire in less than 5 years from my bankruptcy filing

Only $297

As part of this truly transformational 10-week study, you’ll receive:​

  • A 10-week Biblical deep dive into Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich

  • 298-page PDF workbook copy of the core text

  • Audios of each of the 10 sessions

  • Question & Answer Sessions for further immersion in the study

  • Access to the Kingdom Millionaires Thinking And Growing Rich private Facebook group

  • The comfort of a virtual learning experience….all you need is a phone and your IPAD or laptop

  • Lifetime access to the digital resources

What do...

  • Chinese Filipino Business Billionaire Andrew Tan

  • American Billionaire Media Titan Oprah Winfrey

  • Kodak Founder George Eastman

  • Successful Business Man and Philanthropist William Clement Stone

  • 2018 Top 41 Personal Development Influencer Jaime Masters of Eventual Millionaire

all have in common?

They all attribute their success in becoming millionaires and billionaires to learning and applying the principles of Think and Grow Rich!

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Below are comments shared by those who have experienced the Think and Grow Rich study when it was taught by my mentors Paul and Roddy:

"I have never gone through such a powerful, mindset shifting study until TAGR and would encourage you to not hesitate if you get the opportunity."

Michael Smith

"A very enlightening program and one that marks a real shift in my thinking. Thank you Paul and Roddy."

 L.Holden Rovers

"I must say that the sessions we have had with Paul and Roddy were amazing. I have read TAGR previously and struggled to realize what it means and how to apply it. These sessions were magic, brilliant stories to bring each chapter to life and help me discover the plan..... Its has been a WOW factor exploration"


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